Tiana Fair

When reminiscing about his best childhood moments, Carlo’s favorite is those times when he used to visit the county fair with his mom. He remembers holding hands with her, laughing together as they enjoy walking around, and trying each food and ride they see.  

After she passed away, Carlo thought it best to relive the memories by holding an annual fair in his mother’s name. This week-long event happens every 4th week of April in their hometown.

Tiana Fair focuses on creating a fun experience for people from all walks of life; not just for the visitors, but also for the vendors alike. We believe that a local community built on support for one another is the type of place we all want to live in. And so we encourage all local artists, musicians, and business owners to participate in this fair.

What to expect?

Each year, thousands of people visit to experience the various activities the fair has to offer. We had our flooring undergo carpet repair (www.CurlysCarpetRepair.com) so that you will be welcomed with an entrance that equals that's equivalent to high-end fair. We also had our roofing maintenance done by the guys at chimney repair solutions in Surrey (homepage).

Exhilarating rides

Are you ready for the hair-raising rides that will surely take your breath away? Here are some of the rides most thrill-seekers look forward to:

Sky Drop:  At 300 feet in the air, you get a scenic bird’s eye view of the whole fair before you plunge into your doom at a gut-wrenching speed of 80 mph.   

Blizzard: Running at 90 mph, you can’t help but scream your heart out and raise your hands as you blaze through the double loops of this iconic roller coaster.

Bon Voyage:  Normally, riding on a boat is relaxing. This one is different, though. With a speed of 60 mph, swinging back-and-forth at the height of 130 foot, relaxing would be the last thing on your mind.

Children’s rides

Of course, no fair would be complete if the young ones won’t enjoy. Take the kids to the following:

Grand Carousel: The classic merry-go-round is so much better with the mythical creatures from the storybooks.

Up, Up, and Away: Sit at a swing that goes around at 5ft above the ground.

Ride ‘n Bump: Drive a flat electric-powered car and laugh as you bump with other drivers.

Check us out on the 4th week of April for more rides and booths. Expect to see some improvements on our structures thanks to the efforts of a painting company (Remdal) that we hired.

Fair Food

We always strive to have your favorite fair food on our booths. Anything fried is good, as well as tacos, nachos, candy apples, and cotton candy. Whatever you remember from your childhood fair, we have it.

Visit us with your entire family and make memories you’ll cherish forever! We’ll be waiting for you!
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