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The Fairy Frog

June 26th, 2009 by admin | Posted in Away with the Fairies, Early Photoshop attempts, Into a Fantasy World   2 Comments »

Hello, It’s  June and the weather is great so far in Britain…

The month to see Frolicking Fox Cubs, Froglets and Toadlets, Speckled

Wood Butterflies, Elderflowers and Grasses etc….


I bet you thought I’d do a picture of a Butterfly. Well I almost did

but because of the number of Frogs I have seen in my garden I

have made a Digital Artwork of a Frog and a little girl;


       ’ The Fairy Frog’ – Digital Art by Tiana Fair – June 2009

Sorry I haven’t posted for ages because I have been called upon to use my

new Photo-shopping skills at work. I have been making brochures and designing

logos etc… It may sound boring but it does help me to learn how to use

Photo-shop just by the trial and error technique that I am so good at…hee hee!

Thanks for reading my blog, please leave a comment , if you have any suggestions

on how I can improve my fantasy techniques (without spending too much money)

please let me know (and I’ll let all you lot in on the secrets as I find them out….lol)

Take care,

Tiana  x