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Drowning in work!

November 23rd, 2009 by admin | Posted in Competition Entries, Photoshop Magazine   1 Comment »

November has been a busy month for me so far in work. I have had a lot of images to

do for a new business website. On the bright side I have learned a lot more about

Photoshop in the process through my usual trial and error strategy.

I also learn a lot from the Photoshop Creative website.

Each month I try to enter their competition as it forces me to try out

new techniques.

Here is my latest entry called ‘Beneath the Water’, 

I have learned that it is best to change the colour of the person before

adding it to the background or else the background will also change colour

- so here I changed the person to blue then added it to the background.

Bubbles were made using the lightening and darkening tool.

Let me know what you think or post your tips for me.

-Tiana x


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  1. Bert секс Says:

    hey,looks like we’re on the same path. good stuff! come by and say hi! cheers Reginald Melchor

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