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Time is on your side

March 4th, 2010 by admin | Posted in Competition Entries, Photoshop Magazine   No Comments »

Hi!  This month has started out busy in work.

And at home I decided to go for another competition.

In the Advanced Photo-shop magazine there is a competition to make a

T-shirt .  So I gave it a go and as usual have learnt a few more tricks in

Photo-shop during the process.

I gathered things that I thought would be trends in April, such as the weather,

Steam-punk Art, etc…

Then using the blue palette given by the competition I made my entry.

It’s not my usual style as it was completely freehand drawing as this was

the only way I could be sure I kept to the colour palette – but I was happy with

the result. And after I thought of a title for the T-shirt I decided last minute to place the

words on the T-shirt. One of those happy accidents Artists have all the time.

So let me know what you think or if you have any news or suggestions.

Oh and by the way – the model used for the T-shirt isn’t anyone I know and definately not me with those

hairy arms…..lol

-Tiana x

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