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Acryllic painting

 (Acrylic Painting ‘Self Portrait’ by Tiana Fair)


Hello,  My name is Tiana Fair.

I am an Artist in my spare moments and

a Mum, Wife and a Business Manager the rest of the time.

The site www.tianafair.com used to be a shop

Where I sold my paintings, prints and made

Commissioned paintings.


Due to the huge amount of work that built up

I no longer found painting a pleasurable experience

And it became a chore.


I made a decision to start this blog instead and learn a new

medium, Digital Art.


I hope to be able to put the images from my imagination

In Digital Art form faster than I would be able to paint them,

This will mean I can complete Commissioned work faster and

my ideas will remain fresh in my mind.


I have an open mind and love to try new things. We are in the

Computer age and no matter how much I love traditional mediums

using  Acryllics, Watercolour, Oils, Pastels  etc…

I am excited at the possibilities that Digital Art has to offer.


Please join me over the next few weeks in my attempt

to become a Digital Artist.


As a member of the Stuckism movement I believe that an

Artist should be able to have mastery of

basic drawing skills before using any styles such as Abstract Art.


My reason for this is because anyone can produce Abstract Art

so my theory is that a true Artist should have the talent

to back up their Abstract statements.


The only people who cry out and protest against this idea

tends to be those Artists who cannot draw

…..I have seen talentless people become famous and mock

the very people who gave them their fame behind their backs.


I hope I have earned the right to use Digital Art

and still be classed as a true Artist.


Blogging out. x