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Little white lies

February 27th, 2010 by admin | Posted in Competition Entries, Movies   No Comments »

Another photo-shop competition. This one was for Photo-shop Daily.

The brief was to make a poster for Ricky Gervais’ film ‘The Invention of Lying’.

I enjoyed the film. I haven’t heard the competition results yet. I’ll let you know

if I win anything. If you don’t hear from me it’s because I lost and am sulking….

If nothing else comes of it I learnt how to do text in Photo-shop and that after

playing about with Ricky Gervais’ head for a few hours he actually becomes

very attractive…..

I see you !

January 30th, 2010 by admin | Posted in Competition Entries, Movies, Step-by-step   No Comments »

Yes, this month I have fallen for the hype and I have been to see the movie ‘Avatar’ in the cinema.

And to my surprise it was a brilliant film, well worthy of the hype.

There were men watching the movie that had obviously been dragged there by their

family kicking and screaming that were crying through the whole film.

How wonderful and fun it must have been to work on that film. What a dream job.

Anyway you can guess that my January image is going to be an Avatar – after all

you tube is bombarded with Artists showing how to make yourself into a blue

giant so why should I be any different?  So here is my attempt at making an Avatar

from an image of Beyonce – because she looks like she could be a beautiful one

and I hope they write her into the next film – well there has to be sequel – its a box

office hit that has already made a fortune. And I’m not complaining for once,

despite my hate of sequels I can’t wait to see Pandora in 3D again…..

Stage one – I chose an image of Beyonce

Stage two – I cropped and cleaned up the image

Stage three – I turned her blue

Stage four – A bit of remodelling of the eyes ,

cheekbones , nose and lips

Stage five -  Those yellow eyes

Stage six – after some details are added  the finished Avatar of Beyonce.

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Please let me know your thoughts – this is not meant as a tutorial as I’m a Photoshop

novice, I’m just showing you how I made this image , so any tips or suggestions on

how to improve my technique are welcome.

- Tiana x

Zero the hero – ine!

October 19th, 2009 by admin | Posted in Competition Entries, Movies, Sci - Fi   1 Comment »

Hello! This October ‘O’ or ‘Zero’ was created.

Zero is a character I have made for the new ’9′ film Elfwood competition .

Zero is unique. She is a child . Always loud, brash and the naughtiest of the rag dolls , Zero often ends

up down in the dumps, head in hand with an anguished cry of ‘it’s not fair!!’.

Occasionally she pins her safety pin ears together across her face in a sulk.

But she is also very sensitive and cute.

 - I’m looking forward to viewing the other