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Busy as a bee

April 11th, 2010 by admin | Posted in Early Photoshop attempts, Into a Fantasy World, Photoshop Experiments, Romantic Art, Sci - Fi   No Comments »

Hello, I have been working over the Easter holidays for my job and not pleasure

but I have learned loads more techniques in Photoshop because of it so it’s not all bad.

You won’t want me to bore you with the brochures I have done so how about

I add a few images I have made for fun over the last few months…..

The first three were completed last year.

All the faces are computer generated.  This way I don’t have to pay a model……ha !

 Because they are spiritual beings rather than physical ones I allowed them not to

have any physical flaws. I am not a fan of computer generated ‘perfect’ women

in magazines as it gives us ‘human’ women unrealistic ideals, but in fantasy art it is acceptable.

I hope these images make up for me not posting any new art for a while.

-Tiana x




Zero the hero – ine!

October 19th, 2009 by admin | Posted in Competition Entries, Movies, Sci - Fi   1 Comment »

Hello! This October ‘O’ or ‘Zero’ was created.

Zero is a character I have made for the new ’9′ film Elfwood competition .

Zero is unique. She is a child . Always loud, brash and the naughtiest of the rag dolls , Zero often ends

up down in the dumps, head in hand with an anguished cry of ‘it’s not fair!!’.

Occasionally she pins her safety pin ears together across her face in a sulk.

But she is also very sensitive and cute.

 - I’m looking forward to viewing the other




Martian Landscape

July 26th, 2009 by admin | Posted in Into a Fantasy World, Sci - Fi   6 Comments »

For July I thought I would go topical.

Images of the Moon Landing are everywhere right now so

I went to Mars to take some photos instead.

And yes, all the rumours are true…………it’s not pants!

Seriously, if I can do this in a few minutes what can Warner Bros do in a NASA studio

with a trillion budget?